Fostering Authenticity, Connection, and Self-Leadership for All

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Empowering cultural transformation, we are a social enterprise committed to imparting essential tools and facilitating experiences that create profound human connection.


We do this through three programme offerings.


Relational Intelligence

Circling is a unique meditation practiced with others. It involves tuning into your body sensations, acknowledging impulses, and expressing the impact of others' words on you. 

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Boundaries, Desires & Autonomy

Explore your boundaries and desires using the Wheel of Consent model. Discover the unseen dynamics that influence how we relate to others. Gain skills to make clear agreements, understand your limits and wants, and confidently express them.

Wheel of Consent

Authentic Leadership

Revitalise your team dynamics, enhance workplace culture, and boost interpersonal skills. Unleash the full creative potential and diversity within your workforce with our transformative leadership and cultural change offerings.

Togetherness at work

Upcoming Experiences

6 Week Course

Authentic Communication, Self Leadership and Circling 

London, starts 26 March 2024

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6 Week Course

Authentic Communication, Self Leadership and Circling 

Online, starts 4 April 2024

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Boundaries & Desires Wheel of Consent Workshop

Totnes, 16-17 March 2024

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One Day Circling Immersion



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Weekly in-person Circling Evenings in London

Check below for dates and availability 

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