How to stay in connection (and deepen it) when you’re feeling angry, shutdown, confused or frozen.

circling communication Sep 14, 2023

Ever found yourself in a conversation where uncertainty or discomfort took over, leaving you feeling overwhelmed or frozen? It's a familiar scenario. In this article, we delve into the first of the Five Principles of Circling: 'Staying With The Level of Sensation.' This principle, a potent communication tool, not only enhances how we connect with others in challenging situations but also deepens our self-awareness and overall connection.

1. Staying With The Level of Sensation: Connecting Through Awareness

Staying With The Level of Sensation involves remaining attuned to the physical sensations we experience during connections. By slowing down, tuning into subtle awareness, and articulating in-the-moment bodily experiences, we establish a deeper connection with ourselves and others.

Connecting Through Sensations: A Path Through Confusion

When feeling frozen or uncertain, the tendency is to withdraw. However, an alternative exists—communicating the sensations experienced in our bodies. By openly expressing sentiments like a "total blankness in my head" or a "frozen, stuck feeling," we maintain connection and move towards a more profound understanding of ourselves and the group.

2. Transmission: Beyond Words, Beyond Explanation

Staying With The Level of Sensation is not just about conveying ideas and feelings; it opens the door to 'Transmission.' This higher form of awareness allows others to grasp our experiences without lengthy explanations. In the realm of the right hemisphere of the brain, Transmission enriches connections, bringing depth, love, and trust.

Embracing Transmission: Surrendering to Presence

Transmission isn't something forced; it unfolds naturally as we surrender to the present moment in connection. The more we stay with the level of sensation, the more awareness can flow through us, fostering a deeper understanding and connection with others.

3. Sensation-Centric Connection: Beyond Thoughts for Deeper Understanding

Connection reaches new depths when we shift our focus from thoughts to sensations. It's not about excluding thoughts but intelligently training our focus on the richness of sensation, fostering intimacy with our experiences.

Embracing Uncomfortable Sensations: The Power of Subtle Awareness

While thoughts provide comfort, embracing uncomfortable sensations can lead to profound self-realisations. By being present to our bodies and the experience at the level of sensation, we tap into subtle and causal aspects of being, allowing us to transcend egoistic narratives.

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