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What is Circling?

Circling is a 21st Century wisdom practice based on numerous cutting-edge but simple techniques that support you in finding what is most true to you and communicating this powerfully and naturally.

It widens your perspectives and your ability to receive and stay open to others and nurtures a sense of deep personal and collective trust that is both relieving and generative.

It works within the often unseen fundamental ground of communication and relationship that underpins almost everything.

"I have a wonderful sense of calm that I have rarely experienced in life.
My body feels supple and relaxed, like it’s been washed through. I am finding a new ability to observe the world and everything looks slightly different to how I thought".
- Oli, Finance Professional

What Makes Circling Different…

While it can have similar benefits to meditation, performance coaching or therapy the point of focus with Circling is what is happening in the present moment in our connections with each other.

There is no trying to get anywhere (although we include our longings and desires); we simply open more skilfully to what is here within us and between us.

With a wide variety of tools we effortlessly uncover blind spots, facilitate powerful trusting relationships, and often experience and open to the richness and mystery at the heart of our being.

What’s it based on?

Circling is a modern practice that’s grown out of a synthesis of knowledge from cutting-edge psychology, philosophy and spiritual wisdom.

Circling stands on the pillars of the wisdom of generations that can be uniquely woven and distilled into a hugely practical and useful technology to create change. Without such contemporary profound access to the world’s best knowledge and practice on how humans can grow and develop this would likely not have been possible. At the same time it includes century’s old ‘Circle Wisdom’.

It’s also simple at it’s core, very human and essentially about unveiling the things that get in the way of the love and clarity between us.

Benefits of Circling

Get to the core of what really matters to you

While Circling can be intense and a journey into the unknown, it continuously reveals the deeper layers of what really matters.

Develop your emotional range

Circling is an accelerator of emotional intelligence helping people to embody and be present to a much wider range of experience in themselves and with others.

Utilising conflict

In Circling we can feel the creative dynamism between polarities. We can recognise how to dance them together for the fullness of our humanity to be celebrated and integrated so we can all flourish.

Build self-trust

Circling has been a direct route into transpersonal experience for many people. The beauty of Circling is that there is no ‘attempt to get anywhere’, we start from what is present and yet unity and flow states of consciousness become quite common.

Connection as the cure for addiction

The whole paradigm of Circling is based around Connection and is incredibly nuanced in facilitating a greater connection with ourselves and each other. Unhealthy habits can be transcended as we begin to experience greater degrees of connection.


Circling can provide a rich environment for healing. The depth of connection can open up parts of ourselves that have gone untouched for decades. In Circling, there’s ample space to go into the fullness of what’s alive and real in you. Many people have found this kind of space very healing and empowering.

Upcoming Circling Experiences

Drop In Circling

Regular Circling evenings at our Skydome 10 minutes on the train from London Bridge

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Circling Day

Go deeper with a full day, next one 30th April 2023 at the Skydome

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Circling Documentary Screening

Join us 31st March to watch this fantastic documentary and try out circling practises

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One on One Circling Coaching

An opportunity to explore and make a change in something that deeply matters to you with Togetherness founder Adam Wilder

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