Togetherness started in early 2017 when founder Adam Wilder decided to put on an event to cultivate more authentic human connection and better relationships in the increasingly polarised and digitised world.

The world's first festival of human connection took place at the top of a skyscraper in Canary Wharf in May that year, financed by the crowd funding campaign above.

The ethos was simple - a festival of brilliant experiences created by some of the best facilitators in the world to explore all aspects of human connection. There were sessions on everything from language and psychology through to sexuality and body positivity. A festival free from alcohol and drugs, and open to everyone no matter their political beliefs, profession, religion or gender (or anything else).

The festival sold out and was covered in the mainstream press including The Guardian, Vice and the BBC.

Since then Togetherness has grown into a huge community in London, thanks to our evening events, single day events, retreats and venues at other commercial festivals.