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An opportunity to explore and make change in something that deeply matters to you

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There's a reason you are looking at this page right now. Perhaps some part of you feels unfulfilled? Maybe you long to experience more vitality and aliveness in your life? Or are you unsatisfied with your work? Are you looking for support to change something that has been difficult for you for a long time?

"Adam helped me discover what I really want in my relationships. I feel much more trust in myself and a kind of loving inner confidence... The shift is profound".

RW - Lawyer

I'm Adam Wilder, activator, entrepreneur, coach and founder of the Togetherness movement.

For the past 20 years I have been learning, teaching and creating at the cutting edge in the world of personal development.

My passion is to support others realise more of who they are so they can experience deeper connection, richer relationships, freedom of expression and live a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

I generally work with groups however occasionally have the space to work 1 on 1 with committed clients who are ready to make a change in their lives.

Some areas this coaching can help you with


Develop a greater sense of purpose, proactivity and vitality, cultivate a feeling of aliveness in your daily life

Personal Boundaries

Integrate your people-pleasing tendencies and align to and act from your authentic boundaries and desires


Learn to listen to yourself and develop a profound sense of self-trust and relaxed confidence

Emotional Fluency

Re-discover playfulness and depth, broaden your emotional range

Masculine & Feminine

Uncover your deeper masculine and feminine qualities and embody them unashamedly

Relationships & Intimacy

Feel at home with your desires and needs and bring more intimacy and connection to key relationships

Empowered leadership at work

Bring your authentic self to your work, increase your impact and improve working relationships

Coaching sessions can take many forms: from focusing on a specific clear topic and working from A to B — to deep explorations that may become transpersonal in nature.

My approach draws from many of the modalities I have trained in over the years. This includes Circling Coaching which allows for creative processes and unexpected outcomes to emerge during the sessions. It helps us get to the heart of the matter quickly and allows for deeply held patterns and ways of being to be revealed very naturally. 

It also includes the Wheel of Consent model which brings clarity and understanding for boundaries and relationship dynamics.

"Working with Adam has empowered me to find my voice at work. I feel more confident to maintain my boundaries and better prepared for difficult conversations".

AF - Project Manager

'Unleash Yourself'

8 Week  Programme

I currently have 4 places for new clients on my Unleash Yourself Programme. You get 4 dedicated one on one zoom sessions with me over 2 months.

This programme is valued at £600, however, to celebrate the new year I am offering these places at £300.

This special offer tends to fill up quickly, once they have you can join the waitlist until the programme opens up again.

Coaching Programme

£300 Pay in one go

✔️ 4 x 60min zoom coaching sessions

✔️ Email support in between

✔️ Tailored takeaway practices 

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Coaching Programme

Pay in 3 x £100 monthly instalments

✔️ 4 x 60min zoom coaching sessions

✔️ Email support in between

✔️ Tailored takeaway practices 

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About Me

I am interested in the power of being seen and witnessed without judgment and the magic that can effortlessly arise from that. I feel a deep reverence for these states and my work is about integrating and coming into a sense of wholeness with all our parts.

In 2017 I trained as a counsellor and am a qualified facilitator of the Wheel of Consent. I am a certified Circling Instructor and have completed further study in Circling Coaching. I run regular group workshops on boundaries, desire, relating, authentic leadership and self-discovery.

In the past I have trained as a clown and comedian and enjoy using archetypes as a tool for understanding.

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Ana-Georgeta Bolohoi

"It feels like the light has been switched on in a dark room. I suddenly feel I now have the tools to be myself within relationships, and can enrich the relationships themselves by being more authentic".


"Adam helped me to make contact with what I've been avoiding all my life and to really be with it. I feel a new sense of power in myself and lovingness in my life.".


"Since working with Adam, my confidence has grown to the point where I dare to ask for what I want."