Circling Coaching

An opportunity to explore and make change in something that deeply matters to you.

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What is it like to be you?

It's rare that we have the time and space to explore this question with another. And yet contemplating it and becoming intimate with it can be a vital source of personal growth, sense of wellbeing and wholeness. It can uncover parts of ourselves that we routinely dismiss and enable us to reintegrate them in a way that is empowering and life affirming.

Coaching sessions can take many forms: from focusing on a specific clear topic and working from A to B — to deep explorations that may become transpersonal in nature.

They can be an ideal support to integrate the peak experiences and explore any challenges that have shown up for you in personal development work.

The Circling Coaching methodology allows for creative processes and unexpected outcomes to emerge during the sessions. It helps us get to the heart of the matter quickly and allows for deeply held patterns and ways of being to be revealed very naturally.

Example themes this coaching can help with

  • Uncovering deeper masculine / feminine qualities and embodying them unashamedly
  • Exploring and integrating parts of yourself that have been lost or forgotten 
  • Re-discovering playfulness and depth, broadening your emotional range
  • Cultivating your self leadership in work, relationships and family
  • Relaxing in to deeper forms of self expression
  • Developing a greater sense of purpose, proactivity and vitality
  • Standing in your sovereignty and personal power
  • Feeling at home with your desires and needs in relationships 
  • Bringing more intimacy and connection to key relationships
  • Discovering more of who you are and accessing deeper spiritual states
  • Cultivating self-connection through deeper listening to the body’s wisdom
  • Supporting the relaxation of deep survival strategies
  • Embodiment, grounding and presence

Committed to your transformation

To create a strong container for development, I usually work with clients over a 3 month period, with a combo of online coaching/circling sessions and whatsapp support between.

To give my clients the focus on my clients, I work with a max of 5 clients at a time. 

To see if this journey is right for us to go on together, you can book a no-obligation discovery call. If I don't availability I often have colleagues to recommend.

I charge £80-£150 for one off sessions and £1000 for a 3 month transformational programme.

If you have any questions feel free to book a time to chat on calendly or drop me an email.

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About Me

I am interested in the power of being seen and witnessed without judgment and the magic that can effortlessly arise from that. I feel a deep reverence for these states and my work is about integrating and coming into a sense of wholeness with all our parts.

In 2017 I trained as a counsellor and am a qualified facilitator of the Wheel of Consent. I am a certified Circling Instructor and have completed further study in Circling Coaching. I run regular group workshops on boundaries, desire, relating, authentic leadership and self-discovery.

Ana-Georgeta Bolohoi

"It feels like the light has been switched on in a dark room. I suddenly feel I now have the tools to be myself within relationships, and can enrich the relationships themselves by being more authentic".


"Adam helped me to make contact with what I've been avoiding all my life and to really be with it. I feel a new sense of power in myself and lovingness in my life.".


"Since working with Adam, my confidence has grown to the point where I dare to ask for what I want. The shift is profound".