Five Counter-Intuitive Aspects of Circling

Five Counter-Intuitive Insights into Circling

authentic relating circling communication presence Dec 15, 2023

Circling is a practice that defies the conventional left-hemisphere approach dominating the well-being landscape. Unlike the typical journey from state A to state B, where we strive to transform negative feelings into positive ones, Circling invites us to embrace the beauty of the present moment within the relational field. Rooted in the wisdom of the right hemisphere, Circling isn't fixated on a predetermined outcome but thrives in the richness of genuine connection. In this blog, I'll unveil five counter-intuitive examples that illuminate the transformative power of Circling, setting it apart from conventional approaches to well-being.


  1. There’s no wrong way to do it.

You can’t get Circling wrong.

Your experience is valued, no matter how strange or dissonant it may seem. By allowing every nuance of our encounters without the pressure to alter them, we gain the freedom to delve intimately into our own being and permission to express ourselves authentically, even in ways we might hesitate elsewhere.

This aspect is supported and balanced by the fact that in Circling, we care about Connection with others in the group too. So, whilst we can’t get it wrong and are free to share what is unarguably true for us, we want to do it in a way that honours our experience and creates richer connection within the group.


  1. We care without caretaking others.

Our practice involves caring for others without falling into the trap of caretaking or orchestrating their journey. Our care manifests through authentically showing up and sharing the impact of our experiences with them, without attempting to fix or alter their emotions. 

Here, we value the impact of our words yet revel in the freedom to express even the most edgy or dissonant thoughts within the group. It’s an ever-deepening dance of caring without control, where connection blossoms in the authenticity of shared experiences.


  1. There is no end goal, nowhere to get to.

This is one of the more counter-intuitive aspects of Circling, especially if you are a goal-oriented left-hemisphere type of person.

The benefits of Circling come from being non-linear.

In Circling, you are already whole, with each impulse, action, and desire holding intrinsic value - and not being ‘wrong’. 

Unlike traditional approaches, we’re not striving to transition from one state to another because there’s nothing to fix — you’re not broken. Instead Circling gives you the space to meet and be with parts of yourself that have been banished or long-forgotten. Paradoxically, when there’s no fixed destination, the states of being we encounter possess an unexpectedly transformative and rejuvenating power.


  1. You can’t do it alone.

You can only get so far in self-study with Circling as it is at it’s core a relational practice with insights and awareness that only comes about when we practice with others. 

Who are you really when you are with others? What happens inside you?

Our focus shifts to the sensations, impulses, and intuitions in our bodies during shared moments. Expressing the impact of others’ words, we articulate the rawness of our experiences, speaking unarguably true sentiments in the present. In doing so we are witnessed and met authentically by the others in the group.

This exploration of self amidst others injects a vibrant aliveness, creating a liberating dynamic distinct from solitary meditation practices.


  1. A Pathway to self Trust 

In Circling, we find a return home to ourselves — a place where authenticity reigns, not by working our way through a list, by painstakingly excavating all our shadows and demons, but by relaxing into our authentic being.   

It’s an ever-deepening opportunity to stand unashamedly in who we are, revealing our frayed edges and discovering our essence in the presence of others. We continuously learn to notice and trust ourselves more.

This practice extends an invitation to encounter and embrace the facets of ourselves we often avoid. 

In its essence, Circling is a silent teacher, guiding us towards self-trust and nurturing the seeds of self-leadership. It’s a poignant journey, marked by a release of the need to ‘do’ and a surrender into the art of ‘being.’

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