Advanced Touch & Consent Training

Exploring Eros

Learn to notice, trust and communicate your desires with confidence and grace

with Adam Wilder and Helena Laughton

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‘The Holy Grail of touch, desire and consent’

14-16 April 2023, London


Are you ready to step into a new era of freedom, health and grace in all your intimacy?

Join us for a transformational weekend to take your embodied relating to the next level.

This is an advanced course for individuals and couples to learn through new practical exercises, integrations and expert guidance. The workshop is designed to help you:

  • own and express your desires with others 
  • feel more confident, comfortable and embodied in intimate contexts
  • notice when you are activated and learn how to regulate your nervous system 
  • discover more aliveness in your sensuality

We will guide you, you'll learn tools and techniques for effective communication, and have ample opportunity to practice in a safe and supportive environment.

Our program will also help you to understand the importance of your own desires and needs, how to resolve hidden relationship dynamics, and how to navigate difficult situations with grace and assertiveness.

This is an advanced workshop aimed at participants who have already have some experience in this area.

If you are unsure if you are ready to join this weekend, you can book a call with one of the team.

The key to satisfying intimacy is our capacity to notice, trust and communicate our desires.

Many of us can struggle with these even outside of intimate contexts. Within these contexts, where the level of intensity is higher, we can be quick to default back to old patterns: diminishing our desires, seeking to people please, feeling awkward but saying nothing, noticing pressures to conform, freezing, enduring or losing touch with what we really want. This can be frustrating, both in new relationships and existing ones.

Through learning and practising tried and tested techniques, this course will help you build confidence and gain ease and mastery with your desires.

Activties Include

Desire Mapping

Get exquisitely in touch with what it is that you really want and learn how to communicate it.

Real-Life Role Plays

Play out situations from your life which feel tricky. Try out different approaches and discover a path that is authentically your own.

Bossy Massage

Get deep into this powerful growth practise for noticing, trusting and communicating your desires.

Authentic Play

Re-discover your innate human playfulness in relation to others and access more comfort in your natural self-expression. 

Nervous System Regulation

Learn techniques to balance your nervous system and return to a regulated state when you are activated.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Design your own experience with others. Explore the opportunity to ask for what you want and set boundaries.

Benefits of the Workshop

  • Learn how to become more aware of your wants, needs and desires 
  • Discover how to express them with more ease and confidence 
  • Identify when you feel pressure to conform vs what you actually want inside 
  • Practice communication techniques which use care, grace and firmness to express your boundaries 
  • Play games and fun exercises which develop intimacy, rapport, trust and connection that you can take away and play with others 
  • Grow trust in yourself, your integrity and desires 
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Ayla Maria, Music Producer

"This is a game changer."

"It helped me to realise that I am responsible for my own pleasure and cleans up my self-responsibility and the responsibility others have for themselves."


Hana Welsh, Glamping Consultant

"I'm feeling elated and amazed at how simple it can be when you have set a clear container. My other big takeaway is learning to pause and choose rather than just react."


Mark Hughes, IT Consultant

"I realise I’ve never been with someone in my life with healthy giving and receiving. After the workshop I know I want that and am ready for it in my next relationship."


Judith Henehan, Personal Assistant

"I thought I wasn’t a touchy-feely person, and now realise I love giving and receiving touch. Made me realise I can care about others and still put my own needs first. I can stop worrying about other people's feelings so much."


Jo S, Stockport

"Pleasure is not something I need others to give to me, it's something I can give to myself. Now I know that I can stop blaming others."


Please note

Whilst there are opportunities for exchanging touch as part of the learning in this workshop, this is 100% optional and it is not necessary to touch or be touched or to work with any individual to benefit from the session. If you are attending as a couple, you are free to work with your partner the entire time or to mix it up as you prefer.

For some exercises during the workshop, there will be the option to remove pieces of clothing. Support from our experienced team will be on hand at all times.

The Team

Adam Wilder, Wheel of Consent and Circling Facilitator & Togetherness Founder

Helena Laughton, Somatic Sex Educator and Circling Facilitator

Sebastian Wright, Assistant Facilitator

Rebecca Banks, Trainee Facilitator

Adam is a certified Wheel of Consent facilitator. He works as a coach, facilitator, programme designer and curator for Togetherness. For the last 20 years he has been exploring ways to create exceptional experiences of human connection and has studied broadly in psychology, counselling, self-development and performing arts. He brings all of this experience to bear with characteristic warmth, open-heartedness and playfulness. More on Adam here.

Helena Laughton is a somatic sex educator and circling facilitator who loves asking for what she wants. 

Sebastian Wright is an intimacy coach and practitioner working with women.

Rebecca Banks is our room team and trainee facilitator. She is currently finishing her law degree.

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 14 April 6:30-9:30pm

15 April 10-9:30pm

16 April 11-5pm

Vyner Street, London, England, E2 9DJ

Exploring Eros


✔️ Advanced Wheel of Consent Practice 

✔️ Gain confidence, ease and fulfilment in relationships 

✔️ Takeaway games and exercises to play with others

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Exploring Eros

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✔️ Advanced Wheel of Consent Practice 

✔️ Gain confidence, ease and fulfilment in relationships 

✔️ Takeaway games and exercises to play with others

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✔️ Advanced Wheel of Consent Practice 

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Exploring Eros Couples Place

3 x £233 monthly instalments

✔️ Advanced Wheel of Consent Practice 

✔️ Gain more confidence, ease and fulfilment in your relationship 

✔️ Takeaway games and exercises to play with each other

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The Venue

We are delighted to hold this workshop at Soma Home on Vyner St. We will become a temporary community for the duration of the workshop. A range of drinks and snacks will be offered in the kitchen space throughout the course and participants are welcome to bring their own lunch and warm it up there.

Please note this a non-residential workshop and we invite participants from out of town to find accommodation nearby.