What to Bring


• Water bottle (ideally glass or metal)

• Clothing that you love, feel free in to move and express yourself.

• Party clothes for celebration.

•Face paints etc if you wish to bring glitter please only bring biodegradable glitter

• Ear plugs (some people prefer to sleep with these though we will minimise sound pollution on site)

• Swimmers / Bikini for hot tubs and sauna though you are also welcome to use these naked. Please note normal underwear is not permitted in the spa

• Towels for showers & other activities. We recommend to bring 2

• White or UV glow items and clothing for the Rave Ritual

• Some extra money for the cafe & therapists offering treatments

• Something that inspires you - a poem, a song, an object you might like to share at the sleep over party

• A gift for others if you like giving gifts. This can be a mini experience or a piece of chocolate etc

• With toiletries, wet wipes etc, please only bring natural bio-degradable products.