weekend schedule

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Here it is, your map to the weekend. Though we will do our best to set this in stone, some sessions and times may change between now and the event.  You can view the schedule below or download a pdf here.

We have introduced a category system to make it easier to navigate what's on offer. Though there is a lot of overlap in how many categories we could apply to each session we have tried to keep it to the most primary one. 

Connect - social activities where you will have plenty of opportunity to meet and connect with others. Also to connect more deeply with yourself. 

Enrich - learn new skills and techniques that you will practice and can then take away with you.

Play - the foundation of connection, a way to get back to innocence and away from the serious and dogmatic. Also very joyful. Make no mistake though, playful experiences can be amongst the most profound.

Express - sessions to support you in self expression, give you a chance to move, speak, dance, create, paint, draw, sing.

Nourish - after all of that shaking it up, treat yourself to a spa, to a sound bath, a massage, a raw food skincare ritual. Also includes many of the morning activities like Yoga.

There's also a Compulsory category. This is applied to the opening session where we get to meet each other and do some important set up stuff. Part of that is getting everyone into family pods for the weekend. That's the other compulsory time - when you meet with your family for an hour after lunch to digest your experience. We really would like you to come to these as it helps to cultivate a super vibesy community feeling to the event and supports everyone in their experiences.

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