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Exchange & Refund policy


If you can no longer attend, let us know more than a week from the start of the course date.

We will exchange your place for a following workshop with a year of the one booked.


Up to 90 days before the event - 75% refund 

Up to 60 days before the event - 50% refund

Up to 30 days before the event - 25% refund 

Less than 30 days before the event - no refund or credit

In the case of a positive covid result, the attendee will be credited the full amount towards a future workshop

Wheel of Consent Workshop

8 & 9 July 2023

@ Skydome, London, SE8 4BY , 10am - 6pm both days


£229 Earlybird Available Now

What you'll get:

  • Get exquisitely in touch with your desires
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries which support you
  • Open up your ability to feel pleasure
  • Skills in clear communication and asking for what you want
  • Discover each quadrant of the Wheel of Consent 

Past participants say

This has opened my eyes and made me realise I'm much more comfortable serving others than asking for what I want. It made me connect more deeply with myself, and understand how fundamental communicating what I want can be. It gave me a clear framework to think about how I interact in my relationships, and what I'm willing to do. ★★★★★

Gavin B, Leadership Consultant

It was both mind-blowing and moving to see how good I had become at suppressing my own wants and desires - even the simplest everyday ones. Simply asking for what I want through open, clear and respectful communication is utterly transformative. ★★★★★

Alex B, Lawyer

I 100% recommend this workshop to others, it has revolutionised my world. One of my major discoveries is how boundaries and desires relate to my life more broadly. At work, I’ve started noticing when I 'tolerate' things rather than expressing my true wants/needs. ★★★★★

Lisa W, Educator

This workshop taught me how to experience integrity with myself and how to show up more respectfully in all my relationships, both personal and professional. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to grow in their ability to love themselves and others. ★★★★★

Becky M. Author, Entrepreneur

This is a game-changer, to realise I am responsible for my own pleasure. This cleans up my self-responsibility and the responsibility others have for themselves. ★★★★★

Ayla Maria, Music Producer

It feels like the light has been switched on in a dark room. I suddenly feel I have the tools to be myself within relationships, and can enrich them by being more authentic. ★★★★★

Ana-Georgeta Bolohoi

Since the workshop, my relationship with touch has changed. I'm feeling more tactile in my friendships and noticing the desire for intimacy in my life again. I discovered that when I slow down and choose what I want, I can really enjoy touch, it doesn't have to be a frightening burden. I'm also feeling way more connected to what I want with others. ★★★★★

Rebecca Banks, Law student

I'm feeling hopeful and excited after the workshop. Adam's openness and sense of fun enabled all of us to be open and honest. My big takeaway is that I am going to be more honest in my relationship and take time to consider what I actually want. ★★★★★

Sally Wood