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Refund & Exchange policy

If you are unexpectedly unable to attend the workshop, we encourage you to find someone to take your place. Otherwise the following applies for cancellations:

  •  Up to 14 days before the event - 100% credit to attend a future workshop within 12 months
  •  Less than 14 days before the workshop - 50% credit to attend a future workshop within 12 months


If you are presenting symptoms on the day of the workshop, take a lateral flow test. In the case of a positive result, you will be credited the full amount towards a future workshop.

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Boundaries & Desires: Wheel of Consent Workshop Sussex, May 2024

18 & 19 May 2024

10am - 6pm both days, Simon Wellbeing Centre, Street Ln, Ardingly, Haywards Heath RH17 6UB

What you'll get

  1. Boundary and Desire Awareness: Gain a deep understanding of personal boundaries and desires through the Wheel of Consent model, enabling a transformation in how you navigate relationships and professional interactions.

  2. Clear Agreements: Learn to establish clear agreements in relationships, fostering open communication and ensuring that actions align with the desires and boundaries of all involved parties.

  3. Effective Communication: Develop the skills to articulate your needs, wants, and desires confidently, reducing the difficulty of saying "no" and avoiding situations that lead to self-blame or resentment.

  4. Embodied Practices: Explore embodied practices to enhance self-awareness, enabling you to identify and trust your own needs, wants, and desires in the presence of others.

  5. Authentic Relationships: Differentiate between genuine desires and actions performed to please others, fostering authentic and satisfying connections while avoiding long-term frustration and resentment.

  6. Enhanced Relationship with Feeling and Pleasure: Through touch exercises and somatic experiences, discover the four kinds of relating within clear agreements—Serving, Taking, Allowing, and Accepting—ultimately leading to more fulfilling, intimate, and authentic relationships.

What People Are Saying:

This course has taught me to respect my boundaries and those of others. I also feel that I have been seen truly and deeply like I have never been seen before. It has given me the chance to grow as a person and for that I am so grateful.

S. Tuck

Working with Adam has helped me to dare to ask for what I want, and shown me I am not alone.

K. Hofmann

This course has taught me the importance of recognising feelings, accepting that I have choices and above all that I can just say no. I loved Adam’s facilitation and voice. So calm I am changed. I already notice that I am happier and less angry/resentful.

E. Pooley

I'm feeling hopeful and excited after the workshop. Adam's openness and sense of fun enabled all of us to be open and honest. My big takeaway is that I am going to be more honest in my relationship and take time to consider what I actually want.

Sally Wood