Rebel Wisdom, Vulnerability is Rebellion: a workshop for men

Rebel Wisdom is updating the concept of the 'men's group'* for the 21st century, We recognise that the story of masculinity told by our fathers and grandfathers no longer works for us. 

Using movement, inquiry and insight, we help men drop into a space of true brotherhood and support with each other, and to tap into the deep masculine yearning for freedom. Rebel Wisdom is about speaking the truth, allowing ourselves to be seen and trusting that this will bring transformation. You will emerge with a greater sense of yourself as a man, a deeper connection with other men.

Allowing honesty and vulnerability with other men, and moving from a place of competition to cooperation, allows us to be more present with each other, and also with the women and others in our lives.

Through being solidly grounded in the masculine we can fully embody our direction and purpose.

This session is for males and people socialised as male.

*No nakedness, no drum circles.



Rebel Wisdom combines media content and intellectual inspiration with deep transformational processes to help men connect with their inner truth. 

It is a collective of men who are sharing their skills in the service of helping the masculine show up and grow up - created by filmmaker and facilitator David Fuller, veteran groupwork leader Rafia Morgan, meditation teacher Alexander Beiner and men's coach Dr Clive Selwyn. 

Rebel Wisdom has ideas above its station of inspiring a new men's movement for the 21st century. 

They arrive at Togetherness fresh from the official launch of Rebel Wisdom at the Nordic Men's Gathering in Sweden where, together with other men's teachers from across Europe they played a part in helping create 'Maniphesto' - described as Men's Movement 2.0. 

SundayAdam Taffler