Mystical Voice with Sali Musica

Free your Voice & Sing your Soul

This universe is a spontaneous song according to Sali Musica. … Is he on to something or is he just bat-shit crazy?

He says the first religion since the dawn of human beings was meditation on pure Sound and by allowing your voice to move spontaneously you can unlock the joy of infinite existence within yourself, reminding others of theirs.

He says most people's natural sound and true nature are repressed. He says you can get it back if you would just open your fat gob. Come sing with this mystical dude!

Sali Musica is an Indian raaga singer, yogic healer, and  mystic who performs and holds retreats worldwide. With a warm and soulful voice, he instantly connects to the audience and unlocks people's naturally joyful spirits. Encouraging lyrical contributions from the audience, people just cant resist singing along, resulting in a joyful and transformative experience. A must-see, hear and sing!

Adam Taffler