Art of Touch and Cuddles with Stella Anna Sonnenbaum

Fine-tune your touch skills for consensual platonic non-sexual touch with fully clothed participants, feel each other’s energetic bubble, practice authenticity in asking for and receiving touch, and communicate about likes, dislikes and boundaries.

Explore grounding, water, fire and air touch, and dive into huggology. Awaken the touch sensors in your hands by exploring inanimate things, our own clothes and body, and each other’s hands and forearms.

A fun, no nudity workshop without intimate touch. Mutual touch is strictly within individual consent. We will close with an optional cuddle puddle. Great to fill up on Oxytocin, warmth and happiness, and invaluable skills to take home to your intimate partner(s).

Stella Anna Sonnenbaum MPH CSB CSSE is a Somatic Sexologist, teaches workshops nationally and internationally. Individuals and couples come to see her in her East London practice about specific issues concerning their sexuality, sensuality, or they want to lean how to communicate about their likes and dislikes.

She is passionate about conveying that touch is a human need, and does not have to be sexual and facilitates Cuddle Parties to both provide the opportunity to touch and be touched. People can learn to give and receive platonic touch safely, practice their Yes’s and No’s, and express their boundaries authentically in each moment.

Her educational background includes Tantra, Shiatsu, Reiki and dance, and she holds a Master in Public Health (Technische Universität Berlin). Stella loves travelling and outdoor activities, has lived, studied and worked in five different countries, and typically spends 3 months per year abroad, mostly in Montreal/Canada.

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