Transforming Shadows with Jamie Catto

Transforming Shadows with Jamie Catto

On the Transforming Shadows‘ workshops you will learn how to transform unruly demons into employees and harvest the many gifts within challenges instead of exhausting yourself battling them.

You will play games and processes which lighten up rigid notions of appropriateness and uptight limitations of unconscious shame and negativity. You will laugh your head off and realise how much energy you’ve been wasting wearing masks to satisfy other people who’s values you don’t necessarily share.

You will realise how precious each day is and how much more space there is for mischief and playfulness in the world, especially yours. You will forgive yourself for all the shame and negativity you’ve allowed yourself to carry due to old beliefs from uptight parents, carers and teachers of old. You will reclaim vast amounts of energy and joy and channel it into your creativity and passions.

Rebel Wisdom, Vulnerability is Rebellion: a workshop for men

Rebel Wisdom, Vulnerability is Rebellion: a workshop for men

Rebel Wisdom is updating the concept of the 'men's group'* for the 21st century, We recognise that the story of masculinity told by our fathers and grandfathers no longer works for us. 

Rebel Wisdom is about speaking the truth, allowing ourselves to be seen and trusting that this will bring transformation. You will emerge with a greater sense of yourself as a man, a deeper connection with other men.

Massage à Trois with Gayatri Beegan (for everyone)

Three is the magic number for totally tremendous touch – less intense than a one on one connection, more pleasurable with two pairs of hands! Join the massage session where we’ll be creating a deliciously safe and sexy space to discover different strokes for different folks.

Open to everyone interested in exploring sensuality through touch. You'll need to be with 2 others to take part in this session.

Gayatri is a Sacred Sexuality practitioner and facilitator with a vision of creating ‘Heaven on Earth’ through blissful encounters.

She is inspired to support others in a shame-free and celebratory expression of their sensual and sexual nature, and believes that when we experience pleasure fully, it has a transformative effect; creating more love, awareness and aliveness. As a fully earth bound goddess, Gayatri is known for her refreshingly natural, joyful, and vibrant approach.


Super Powers from your Cycle: a workshop for women with Ruby May

Have you noticed that periods are coming out of the closet? Within the last couple of years we've seen a surge in collective awareness: from technology and product development to art and media coverage. 

While it's wonderful that we're getting tired of feeling shame over something that is so natural, what we still don't realise is the goldmine of potential for personal growth and well-being that's awaiting our discovery!

In this workshop, we explore a radically different view of our periods: that rather than something we do our best to ignore, overcome, or make do with as a woman, our menstruation is actually a key to radical self-care and life-mastery! Come and learn about the different phases of the cycle and the super-powers each day brings, explore how to turn the unique challenges we each face into gold, and how to use our cycle for creative manifestation, turning our visions and dreams into reality!

Ruby May is a truth-seeking, earth-loving, edge-dwelling creative visionary and facilitator, whose passion lies in the creation a new vision of power for a new world: the power of owning our shadows and all that we are, of having the courage to express ourselves transparently and authentically, of opening ourselves more and more to life: embracing the beauty and the pain, the chaos and all the magic.

In this vision of power being connected to our deepest vulnerability, it is no longer something that separates us, but something that unites us, so that we can collaborate in harmony towards the creation of beauty and being in service to life.Her gateway on her quest for truth has been the field of sexuality, and she brings over a decade of personal self-enquiry, research and experience working internationally in the field of Conscious Sexuality as a sacred intimate, sexological bodyworker, Tantric domina and workshop facilitator. Ruby lives between Berlin & Portugal.


EDM: Embodied Dance Meditation with DJ Alma Omega

Our lives are a constant dance of feeling, understanding, and having the courage to LIVE our desires, in it's many forms...time and time again.  As we relate to ourselves and others in this world, we are constantly being confronted with different hungers & desires within ourselves,  for different levels of contact and intimacy.

In the quest for better understanding of these dynamics, we can learn to dance, live & move more consiously throughout the world.  One helpful perspective in this quest is by noticing the 4 different core-desires that move us:  the desire for Solitude, the desire for intimate Contact with one other person, the desire to feel a sense of belonging to a Community, and the deep desire for contact with Spirit (Something larger than ourselves and our lives)...We are in a constant dance with these desires--as we navigate our daily lives--and it is a powerful source of inspiration to know your own mapping, know what you need, notice how those needs shift, and move through life accordingly...

In this playful and profound embodied-dance-meditation, we will use the power of our bodies natural movements and dance to discover what our multiple desires are for contact:  how our ever-changing-desires inspire us to not only to move through life, but to dance through life.  This technique comes from the background of Open Floor:  an embodied dance meditation that serves to create more embodiment in ourselves, through the power and joy of Dance and movement.

Maegan Gorbett (DJ Alma ∞ Omega) is a devout lover of music, dance, nature, community, mystical-mayhem, shamanic-shenanigans, and sacred-sisterhood/brotherhood...Through the deaths and rebirths of life she has discovered the aspects of herself that are anchored in Truth, Authenticity, Softness and Humor: this self-compassion and passion are her gifts she has to share with the world...

Art of Touch and Cuddles with Stella Anna Sonnenbaum

Fine-tune your touch skills for consensual platonic non-sexual touch with fully clothed participants, feel each other’s energetic bubble, practice authenticity in asking for and receiving touch, and communicate about likes, dislikes and boundaries.

Explore grounding, water, fire and air touch, and dive into huggology. Awaken the touch sensors in your hands by exploring inanimate things, our own clothes and body, and each other’s hands and forearms.

A fun, no nudity workshop without intimate touch. Mutual touch is strictly within individual consent. We will close with an optional cuddle puddle. Great to fill up on Oxytocin, warmth and happiness, and invaluable skills to take home to your intimate partner(s).

Stella Anna Sonnenbaum MPH CSB CSSE is a Somatic Sexologist, teaches workshops nationally and internationally. Individuals and couples come to see her in her East London practice about specific issues concerning their sexuality, sensuality, or they want to lean how to communicate about their likes and dislikes.

She is passionate about conveying that touch is a human need, and does not have to be sexual and facilitates Cuddle Parties to both provide the opportunity to touch and be touched. People can learn to give and receive platonic touch safely, practice their Yes’s and No’s, and express their boundaries authentically in each moment.

Her educational background includes Tantra, Shiatsu, Reiki and dance, and she holds a Master in Public Health (Technische Universität Berlin). Stella loves travelling and outdoor activities, has lived, studied and worked in five different countries, and typically spends 3 months per year abroad, mostly in Montreal/Canada.

Surrender with Adam Wilder

This is an advanced session, for those who want to dive really deep.

I've notice that most people (including me) find it much easier to give than to receive.

To really receive praise, warmth, love makes us uncomfortable. Questions arise in the busy mind: Am I worthy to receive this? What if they knew how I really am? They must have mistaken me for someone else! I am far too awful to deserve such love, such attention.

In this session we are going DEEP. We're going to gently and lovingly crack open the armour and watch the light pour out. You will be in service to others and they will be in service to you.

When we ultimately surrender and receive love, it touches a very deep part of ourselves, the part that is undernourished and protected by the armour of personality we developed.

Like all sessions you are invited to only join in with what is right for you.

Hosted by Adam Wilder 


Mystical Voice with Sali Musica

Free your Voice & Sing your Soul

This universe is a spontaneous song according to Sali Musica. … Is he on to something or is he just bat-shit crazy?

He says the first religion since the dawn of human beings was meditation on pure Sound and by allowing your voice to move spontaneously you can unlock the joy of infinite existence within yourself, reminding others of theirs.

He says most people's natural sound and true nature are repressed. He says you can get it back if you would just open your fat gob. Come sing with this mystical dude!

Sali Musica is an Indian raaga singer, yogic healer, and  mystic who performs and holds retreats worldwide. With a warm and soulful voice, he instantly connects to the audience and unlocks people's naturally joyful spirits. Encouraging lyrical contributions from the audience, people just cant resist singing along, resulting in a joyful and transformative experience. A must-see, hear and sing!