Pandora Star Experience with Amir Khadr

The PandoraStar produces only flickering white light, but when you close your eyes, your brain will project a variety of colours, geometrical shapes, and tunnels of lights in your inner visual field. In the meantime, the electric activity of your brain will synchronise to the flickering frequency of the PandoraStar program.

PandoraStar programs help achieving optimal brainwave frequencies for all sorts of results - from headache relief and memory improvement to deep-rest and creativity. The demo sessions will give you a taste of how it is to be immersed in a visual world of colours as your body falls into complete relaxation leaving you refreshed and happy.


Amir is a bodyworker, men's coach and events facilitator in the field of consciousness exploration. He gave up 20 years of corporate life to share with others what he has learnt in his own personal journey of self-discovery, self-development and healing. He's also a PandoraStar practitioner and reseller.


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