Lucid Satellite: Inter-Dimensional-Cacao-Dance

Let's open up the Saturday-evening-vortex in style, shall we? You are warmly invited to welcome in our communal-evening frolics with the power of Sacred Raw Cacao, Soul-enlivening Music, and playful-ritualistic Dancing: Berliner based DJ & Ritualist Maegan Gorbett/Alma ∞ Omega will not only be serving the beautiful heart medicine of Cacao to ground and open us, but will be serving the sweetest beats: to open up your heart, hips, loins & lips, into new dimensions of intentional play & movement.

We shall playfully & soulfully begin our evening by inviting the spirit of Cacao to guide & nurture us...Into our hearts, and into our bodies: to Awaken, to Feel, and to Remember who we really are...Love in human form ♥ Cacao (Theobroma cacao — “Food of the Gods”) is an extremely gentle, loving, high-vibrational plant that has been used in ritual context for thousands of years as sacred plant medicine. The deva of Cacao (the consciousness and spirit behind the form) assists us in deepening our connection with ourselves, working particularly on our heart-center: our ability to give and receive love freely and generously...and reveals the places inside us that are withholding from this transforming quality of (self)love. After drinking generously into our intentions together, we shall celebrate the glorious gift of our bodies: and dance, move, shake & celebrate, Lucid-style.

Alma ∞ Omega will continue to seduce you into a wide-spectrum of SOUL-MEDICINE-MUSIC: from organic-shamanic, hip-hop-heaven, dirty-disco, womb-tech-magic, and for music of which there are no genres...Alma ∞ Omega's tapestries of sounds are talior-fit to take us on a sound-dance-journey: deep into our bodies, deep into connection, deep into new dimensions of radical expansion and play...!

NightAdam Taffler