Multi-Sensory Sound Journeys with Sanga Sanga

Sanga Sanga’s multi-sensory sound journey guides you through the elements to a place deep within yourself. Using wireless headphones, scents, and touch they build a rich landscape of experience, allowing yourself to be transported out of the world around you, to a new fantastical reality.

Their soundscapes are an ethereal combination of natural sounds that they have recorded from beaches, forests and fires across the UK, isochronic tones (used for deep relaxation and brain wave alteration) and sounds from the human body.    

Their soundscapes are accompanied by touch, massage, washing and other sensory offerings to enhance the experience and bring about deep relaxation and healing.

Sanga Sanga is a collective of artists and healers with a mission to empower all humans to be fearless, honest and compassionate. They use ritual as a tool to cultivate intimacy, authenticity and transformation.

Using mindfulness, sound healing, tantra and performance art, they re imagine ritual for the modern world, and help us to reconnect with what it means to be human.

NightAdam Taffler