Fluffing Café with Jamie Em

The fluffing café was first brought into being from the dusty reaches of burning man. The aim was to help and support others in those environments and the burning man term ‘to fluff’ was used. 
Since then the fluffing café has been growing. 

We still serve dishes in which the main ingredient is to help and support others but in a way in which we feel is life affirming. From being fun and silly, to being thought provoking and beautiful.  One of the undercurrents of the café is based on the Chinese term Yangsheng- the art of nourishing life. We try to cultivate dishes that touch on many areas of life from dealing with emotions, to cultivating mindfulness, to the connection with ourselves and the people around us. 

The café and the dishes we serve are continually evolving and changing depending on the environments we are in. We look forward to serving you a delicious dish of fluff very soon.

The Fluffing Café is the brainchild of Jamie Em.


NightAdam Taffler