Naked Together with Calu Lema

Naked Together is an all gender friendly, clothing optional space to explore physical and emotional nakedness. With awareness, consent and playfulness, we'll co-create an intimate “safe & brave” space to discover and uncover ourselves.

In small groups (and for short periods of time) we'll celebrate our uniqueness in creative ways, challenge some of the narratives that are holding us back, let go of fears and share ourselves more authentically.

Loving ourselves naked is loving ourselves vulnerable, exposed, complicated, undone; is loving our censored, edited and hidden self. EveryBODY is welcome.

Calu is passionate about conscious connections, inclusive intimacies, radical communication, sensual exploration and creative pleasure. Calu facilitate consent based, all gender friendly, body positive spaces for personal and communal growth and uses the pronoun 'they'.

Inspired by deep listening, internal and external activism, eco-sexuality and insights rising from their private movement practice, they created Comtacto. Through this initiative Calu promotes connection using an embodied approach facilitating journeys into self research to give ourselves and others permission to Be whilst creating positive and loving references to replicate in our lives.

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