Fluffing Café with Jamie Em

The fluffing café was first brought into being from the dusty reaches of burning man. The aim was to help and support others in those environments and the burning man term ‘to fluff’ was used. 
Since then the fluffing café has been growing. 

We still serve dishes in which the main ingredient is to help and support others but in a way in which we feel is life affirming. From being fun and silly, to being thought provoking and beautiful.  One of the undercurrents of the café is based on the Chinese term Yangsheng- the art of nourishing life. We try to cultivate dishes that touch on many areas of life from dealing with emotions, to cultivating mindfulness, to the connection with ourselves and the people around us. 

The café and the dishes we serve are continually evolving and changing depending on the environments we are in. We look forward to serving you a delicious dish of fluff very soon.

The Fluffing Café is the brainchild of Jamie Em.


Multi-Sensory Sound Journeys with Sanga Sanga

Sanga Sanga’s multi-sensory sound journey guides you through the elements to a place deep within yourself. Using wireless headphones, scents, and touch they build a rich landscape of experience, allowing yourself to be transported out of the world around you, to a new fantastical reality.

Their soundscapes are an ethereal combination of natural sounds that they have recorded from beaches, forests and fires across the UK, isochronic tones (used for deep relaxation and brain wave alteration) and sounds from the human body.    

Their soundscapes are accompanied by touch, massage, washing and other sensory offerings to enhance the experience and bring about deep relaxation and healing.

Sanga Sanga is a collective of artists and healers with a mission to empower all humans to be fearless, honest and compassionate. They use ritual as a tool to cultivate intimacy, authenticity and transformation.

Using mindfulness, sound healing, tantra and performance art, they re imagine ritual for the modern world, and help us to reconnect with what it means to be human.

Naked Together with Calu Lema

Naked Together is an all gender friendly, clothing optional space to explore physical and emotional nakedness. With awareness, consent and playfulness, we'll co-create an intimate “safe & brave” space to discover and uncover ourselves.

In small groups (and for short periods of time) we'll celebrate our uniqueness in creative ways, challenge some of the narratives that are holding us back, let go of fears and share ourselves more authentically.

Loving ourselves naked is loving ourselves vulnerable, exposed, complicated, undone; is loving our censored, edited and hidden self. EveryBODY is welcome.

Calu is passionate about conscious connections, inclusive intimacies, radical communication, sensual exploration and creative pleasure. Calu facilitate consent based, all gender friendly, body positive spaces for personal and communal growth and uses the pronoun 'they'.

Inspired by deep listening, internal and external activism, eco-sexuality and insights rising from their private movement practice, they created Comtacto. Through this initiative Calu promotes connection using an embodied approach facilitating journeys into self research to give ourselves and others permission to Be whilst creating positive and loving references to replicate in our lives.

Love Lounge with Sy and Ash

Love Lounge with Sy and Ash

The Love Lounge with Sy and Ash is a place with no expectations where anyone can explore their boundaries and comfort zones and experience delicious, sensual connections with other beings. Set within a safe & sensual environment, the agreements we hold here allow you the freedom to explore your bliss, to discover new joys, to play with your boundaries and to be fun-fully courageous.

Awareness of your own boundaries is crucial in this space and we encourage you to check in with yourself all the time when you are playing in the Love Lounge. We highly recommend everyone participates in the Love Lounge 101 or Boundaries & Consent workshops at the festival to help you get the most out of this space.

Come and play! Come and explore! There are no expectations, just a space to be.

Pandora Star Experience with Amir Khadr

The PandoraStar produces only flickering white light, but when you close your eyes, your brain will project a variety of colours, geometrical shapes, and tunnels of lights in your inner visual field. In the meantime, the electric activity of your brain will synchronise to the flickering frequency of the PandoraStar program.

PandoraStar programs help achieving optimal brainwave frequencies for all sorts of results - from headache relief and memory improvement to deep-rest and creativity. The demo sessions will give you a taste of how it is to be immersed in a visual world of colours as your body falls into complete relaxation leaving you refreshed and happy.


Amir is a bodyworker, men's coach and events facilitator in the field of consciousness exploration. He gave up 20 years of corporate life to share with others what he has learnt in his own personal journey of self-discovery, self-development and healing. He's also a PandoraStar practitioner and reseller.


Lucid Satellite: Inter-Dimensional-Cacao-Dance

Lucid Satellite: Inter-Dimensional-Cacao-Dance

Let's open up the Saturday-evening-vortex in style, shall we? You are warmly invited to welcome in our communal-evening frolics with the power of Raw Cacao, Soul-enlivening Music, and playful-ritualistic Dancing: Berliner based DJ & Ritualist Maegan Gorbett/Alma ∞ Omega will not only be serving the beautiful heart medicine of Cacao to ground and open us, but will be serving the sweetest beats: to open up your heart, hips, loins & lips, into new dimensions of intentional play & movement.

Through our dance, we awake our Fire, our inner Light. This flame burns as Passion. As we move this Fire through our spine, so it's radiance expands, and our warm Love and sensuality naturally expresses out into the world as Compassion (expanded Passion).

As Jack Johnson sings; "We're better together",

And so it is, this is the invitation of the dance, to feel great in each other's company, to share Life together, to make contact, to feel enriched through reaching out and being reached out to.