Love Lounge 101 with Sy and Ash

The Love Lounge is all about exploring connections and desire - your own and others’ - and, in order to do that well, you need to be able to communicate clearly.

In this playshop, Sy and Ash will share with you the secrets of how to have an amazing time in the Love Lounge and beyond.

To help you enjoy yourself in the Love Lounge, they’ll share with you some very simple techniques for managing and communicating your own boundaries and understanding and appreciating other people’s boundaries.

They will also introduce you to some of the many and varied possibilities of connecting in a sensual way.

Sy and Ash are Brighton based Conscious Sexuality teachers and practitioners offering a fabulous variety of ways to explore YOU to the next level. Their passion is self-enquiry and development through Joy, Pleasure and Self Awareness.

They have trained in a number of different techniques and incorporate these skills with their 23 years of exploring relationship together, to bring a truly unique and different approach to what they offer YOU.

In all their playshops and private sessions they are there to ensure you feel really safe and supported in your choices and explorations of yourself, whether individually or in connection with others. They offer you a space to re-connect with your own true expression of sexuality and joy, so… Come & Play.

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