Authentic Eros with Ruby May

A boundary, most simply put, is what is right for us, and what is not right for us. Even single cell-organisms will move towards or away from something - having a yes or a no is integral to sentient life.

Every day brings us a multitude of opportunities to connect with our boundaries in all our relationships and yet many of us struggle with this topic. What if I can’t feel my own boundaries or hurt someone’s feelings by saying ‘no’? Should I even be putting my own needs first? What if I’m so scared of hearing a ‘no’ that I avoid expressing my desire to another? What if a ‘no’ isn’t heard?

In this workshop, we will dive into connecting deeply with our inner compass so that we can sense what feels right and not right for us, and practise expressing this to others. Through a series of guided encounters, we will have the opportunity to reframe our relationship to boundaries: feeling how each ‘no’ we speak out is a ‘yes’ to ourselves and an act of self-love, cultivating gratitude when others speak out a ‘no’, and curiosity about a ‘no’ as not an ending but an opening into another layer of truth between us.

Ruby May is a truth-seeking, earth-loving, edge-dwelling creative visionary and facilitator, whose passion lies in the creation a new vision of power for a new world: the power of owning our shadows and all that we are, of having the courage to express ourselves transparently and authentically, of opening ourselves more and more to life: embracing the beauty and the pain, the chaos and all the magic.

In this vision of power being connected to our deepest vulnerability, it is no longer something that separates us, but something that unites us, so that we can collaborate in harmony towards the creation of beauty and being in service to life.Her gateway on her quest for truth has been the field of sexuality, and she brings over a decade of personal self-enquiry, research and experience working internationally in the field of Conscious Sexuality as a sacred intimate, sexological bodyworker, Tantric domina and workshop facilitator. Ruby lives between Berlin & Portugal.

Adam Taffler