Wheel of Consent with Rupert James

On the face of it, consent should be simple. Yes means yes, and no means no.

However, sometimes many of us struggle to find the language we need to safely create the experiences, connections or intimacy we long for. Betty Martin's ground-breaking 'Wheel of Consent' takes our understanding of consent to a whole new level, by asking us to get clear about our intentions and boundaries, and giving us a language to communicate them simply and clearly.

Participants will be invited to experience the different qualities of Giving, Receiving, Taking, and Allowing, through taking part in some simple, clothed, touch exercises. Everything that happens here is purely an invitation, and you are welcome to sit out (or join in again) at any point.

Once you start to explore the wheel you realise how consent effects and can empower ALL aspects of your life.


Rupert loves to create healing, playful and transformative spaces for meeting self and other using practices from tantra, consent & intimacy work, and ecstatic dance. He has been holding groups since 1992 and has trained with many internationally renowned teachers including Barbara Carellas, Betty Martin, Jan Day and Gabrielle Roth.

Rupert is a certified practitioner of Urban Tantra, and a qualified teacher at the School of Being. He is the founder and director of Ecstasy and Intimacy, and facilitates workshops across the UK and Europe, as well as at many festivals each year. Consent, communication and respect form the bedrock underlying all his work, and people of all genders, identities and orientations are welcomed.


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