I Want! I Don't Want! with Maria Bosisto

One of the scariest and most amazing things that ever happened for Maria was to finally connect with her unfulfilled self – her longing! Oh yes, it’s an uncomfortable place to be if you are someone who doesn’t like to depend on others to be happy. But saying hello to your deepest truth, your innermost desires and wishes, your needy or unexpressed self can be transformational.

This workshop is designed as an invitation to allow yourself to feel and be moved by these dormant powers. From here, the space opens to explore and play with others, guided by your true impulse. Perhaps that is your lust? Or need for nurture? One thing is for sure: It is time to get into trouble!

You will have a safe place to meet whoever you choose in the room, to have your adventure with them – and make a proper fool of yourself. Bring your courage and your fear! And we will play, play, play. 

Maria Bosisto grew up in Germany among a clan of nutcases - both friendly and hostile. It is no wonder she found herself struggling with the human psyche and soul. But the struggle became an exploration and the exploration a journey of nurturing recovery. A couple of years ago she trained with Alan Lowen and is delighted to represent the Art of Being in this year’s Togetherness Festival. She has always felt attracted to profoundly human themes such as touch, intimacy, sexuality, love and all of life’s juicy contradictions. Most of all, she is deeply drawn to anything that enables healing. And joy!


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