Insanely Gifted with Jamie Catto

Insanely Gifted with Jamie Catto


There’s enormous potential available to tap into which is way beyond our usual thinking minds. When we access it we reclaim and Reignite 100% of our Creative Power. Rediscover techniques and paths for effortlessly accessing the imagination a creation realms. Reclaim and unleash hidden parts of yourself to release untapped resources of innate, playful genius.

Authentic Eros with Ruby May

A boundary, most simply put, is what is right for us, and what is not right for us. Even single cell-organisms will move towards or away from something - having a yes or a no is integral to sentient life.

Every day brings us a multitude of opportunities to connect with our boundaries in all our relationships and yet many of us struggle with this topic. What if I can’t feel my own boundaries or hurt someone’s feelings by saying ‘no’? Should I even be putting my own needs first? What if I’m so scared of hearing a ‘no’ that I avoid expressing my desire to another? What if a ‘no’ isn’t heard?

In this workshop, we will dive into connecting deeply with our inner compass so that we can sense what feels right and not right for us, and practise expressing this to others. Through a series of guided encounters, we will have the opportunity to reframe our relationship to boundaries: feeling how each ‘no’ we speak out is a ‘yes’ to ourselves and an act of self-love, cultivating gratitude when others speak out a ‘no’, and curiosity about a ‘no’ as not an ending but an opening into another layer of truth between us.

Ruby May is a truth-seeking, earth-loving, edge-dwelling creative visionary and facilitator, whose passion lies in the creation a new vision of power for a new world: the power of owning our shadows and all that we are, of having the courage to express ourselves transparently and authentically, of opening ourselves more and more to life: embracing the beauty and the pain, the chaos and all the magic.

In this vision of power being connected to our deepest vulnerability, it is no longer something that separates us, but something that unites us, so that we can collaborate in harmony towards the creation of beauty and being in service to life.Her gateway on her quest for truth has been the field of sexuality, and she brings over a decade of personal self-enquiry, research and experience working internationally in the field of Conscious Sexuality as a sacred intimate, sexological bodyworker, Tantric domina and workshop facilitator. Ruby lives between Berlin & Portugal.

Now that's what I call games with Antidote London

An Antidote signature games workshop designed to tickle your funny bone good and proper. Games guru Kevin Campbell Davidson will be your host for a romp through the classic games and playful gems Kevin’s collected as a dedicated games magpie.

From tagging to listening games, physical dexterity to mental agility games. The perfect opportunity to re-connect with your inner magical child.

Please note, can cause elevated levels of happiness.


Antidote London believes that through playfulness and discovery we can lead happier, more fulfilling lives. We do that by running uplifting and unusual music, dance and games sessions every week that act as an antidote to the seriousness of everyday London life. So come join us, and get some wholesome escapism.

Circling - Authentic Contact, Presence and Aliveness With Marysia Pstrokonska

Circling - Authentic Contact, Presence and Aliveness With Marysia Pstrokonska

In Circling we explore being deeply connected to ourselves and our truth while feeling, hearing and connecting to others in the moment. It’s a space to explore our genuine curiosity to better understand, see and appreciate ourselves and each other at a deeper level.

In many of our interactions it’s easy to fall into habitual ways of being or ideas about who we are. This workshop is an invitation to step into freshness and a real in the moment discovery of what happens when we meet as human beings.

This will be a fully interactive exploration where we’ll have space to cultivate a deeper understanding of ourselves and what’s possible in relationship.

Wheel of Consent with Rupert James

On the face of it, consent should be simple. Yes means yes, and no means no.

However, sometimes many of us struggle to find the language we need to safely create the experiences, connections or intimacy we long for. Betty Martin's ground-breaking 'Wheel of Consent' takes our understanding of consent to a whole new level, by asking us to get clear about our intentions and boundaries, and giving us a language to communicate them simply and clearly.

Participants will be invited to experience the different qualities of Giving, Receiving, Taking, and Allowing, through taking part in some simple, clothed, touch exercises. Everything that happens here is purely an invitation, and you are welcome to sit out (or join in again) at any point.

Once you start to explore the wheel you realise how consent effects and can empower ALL aspects of your life.


Rupert loves to create healing, playful and transformative spaces for meeting self and other using practices from tantra, consent & intimacy work, and ecstatic dance. He has been holding groups since 1992 and has trained with many internationally renowned teachers including Barbara Carellas, Betty Martin, Jan Day and Gabrielle Roth.

Rupert is a certified practitioner of Urban Tantra, and a qualified teacher at the School of Being. He is the founder and director of Ecstasy and Intimacy, and facilitates workshops across the UK and Europe, as well as at many festivals each year. Consent, communication and respect form the bedrock underlying all his work, and people of all genders, identities and orientations are welcomed.


Level 9 with Adam Wilder

Join festival founder Adam Wilder for a 90 minute dive into a deeper experience of yourself, beyond politics, personality, identity, beyond ideas of right and wrong.

With his signtaure humour, playfulness and depth, Adam will guide you towards your essential nature, to connection beyond needs and wants, way beyond sexuality. A deep dive into experiencing yourself way beyond your idea of yourself. If participants are willing and ready, it will go to LEVEL 9.

This workshop will give you tools to use with yourself or partners and will help you to feel more alive in your body, your being, your sensuality.

Suitable for single people or people in relationships to attend.

Adam's passion is human connection. Over the last 10 years he's organised immersive comedy with Stewart Lee, run the biggest Burns night in the world, set up an outdoor hot tub party by the canal in Hackney wick and started the world's first silent speed dating company.

Adam continues to train in intimacy, connection, sexology and performance with some of the best teachers in the world in an effort to know himself more. He is passionate about Togetherness and giving people the space to be who they really are in their wholeness.

Love Lounge 101 with Sy and Ash

Love Lounge 101 with Sy and Ash

In this playshop Sy and Ash will share with you the secrets of how to have an amazing time in the Love Lounge (and beyond!). The Love Lounge is all about exploring connections and desire - your own and others’ - and in order to do that well, you need to be able to communicate clearly.

To help you enjoy yourself in the Love Lounge we’ll share with you some very simple techniques for managing and communicating your own boundaries and understanding and appreciating other people’s boundaries. We’ll also introduce you to some of the many and varied possibilities of connecting in a sensual way.

Sing Together with Neil Johnson (Wayward Choral Society)

When a group of people sing together all their heartbeats synchronise. We invite you to join in that experience in a fun, accessible workshop.

This session is for everyone; for those who are confident singers and for those who are less so. If you’re someone who, once upon a time, suffered being told they couldn’t sing, then this session is for you to reclaim your right to your own voice. All abilities and levels of experience welcome – we are voice-positive!

We’ll have a gentle warm up, play some games and then learn a song in harmony. You don't need to be able to read music as it will all be taught by ear. If you’ve never sung in a group before, don’t worry: you’ll be guided through the process step by step, and you must just be amazed by what you can achieve.

So come and sing together. Humans have sung together since they were on this planet, bonding communities tight. Guaranteed to release endorphins and create a shared, happy buzz.

Neil Johnson is a musician and sound artist who creates scores for theatre, film, video games and inter-disciplinary works. When not making music himself, he helps others to make it, facilitating shared musical experiences. He is passionate about music as a fundamental means of human connection which can bring about well-being, self-esteem, collaboration and shared joy.

Neil delivers vocal workshops in such settings as Womad, Winter House, Bath Festival and Haus of Fluff as well as many schools, colleges and community groups. He has composed for various clients including BBC and Scottish Opera and has taught sound design at Bristol University for the past 15 years. He’s performed all over the world including SXSW in Austin, Texas, Glastonbury and Singapore National Theatre. He’s played in many bands, notably Angel Tech for the last two decades, and is working on a new solo album.

Wayward Choral Society, led by Neil, is a voice-positive, sex-positive, LGBTQI+ and allies choir which meets monthly in London and fortnightly in Bristol. It’s a very friendly group and is open for new members (and first session is free!).