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Bring more meaningful connection into every area of your life. 


As humans, the way we relate to each other is our essence.

It can make us feel seen, accepted and whole, give us a sense of belonging and wellbeing. 

The Village is a community with this principle right at its core, bringing more of this into our lives and to the people around us. 

Create richer connection in your life


Explore & embody your authentic self  


based on real connection

Applied Authenticity


Have you ever been on a course or retreat where you felt lit up, free to express yourself and whole?

We have too and loved it. Yet the glow from these can fade quickly after without a community to connect to and practice with. 

In our community we can learn to integrate our experiences and apply them to our daily lives. To bring together the 'retreat me' and 'everyday me', into a single person.

This has profound benefits for our relationships, our careers and our sense of aliveness.

Express yourself more fully

Build richer relationships 


Explore deeper connection

The most powerful practice we know for creating connection

At the heart of the Village is a powerful self discovery technique called Enquiry.

Enquiry helps us become intimate with our experience and enables us to discover who we are behind the everyday masks of our personality.

Applying the self-awareness Enquiry gives us can create coherence, connection and trust in our relationships and lives.

And when we are feeling awkward or stuck, it gives us a methodology to transform those feelings into aliveness, wholeness and authentic expression.

All experiences in the Village help to cultivate this practice.  

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We meet together on Thursdays

7pm London, 2pm New York, 9pm Moscow


Twice a month Adam leads a connection lab for live enquiry and development of core relating skills.

It's like yoga for your wellbeing & relationships.

Cultivating Self Awareness • Reconnecting to Others • Compassionate Boundaries • Intimacy of Anger • What do you really want? • Joy Tennis • The Art of Asking for What we Want • Self Discovery • Curiosity Lab • Communicating Boundaries Lab

Twice a month we invite some of the best and brightest stars in the world of embodiment, creativity, relating, personal development and communication to lead experiences for our villagers.

We've already seen powerful transformations and a joyful sense of community in our Villagers.

It works for them and can work for you too.


"It's so great! I don't feel alone in my personal growth journey anymore.

I've tried a variety of tools in the past and yet they never uncovered the depth of what I experience here".

Raquel Bellastella

Creative Coach


"I feel so welcome and included. 

The Village has given me the opportunity to make friends with all my emotions and the space to explore them freely and safely".

Shaun Tuck

Agricultural Consultant


Being in the Village gives me the chance to talk about things that I can't anywhere else. It helping me get clear  ".

Louise Graham

Breakthrough Coach 

This is for you if...


✓ You want to learn and practice a powerful technique for bringing a richer  quality of connection in to your life

You would like to bring more aliveness and authenticity to your relationships

You are ready to discover more of who you really are

You want to feel more confident to express yourself

You want to learn how to turn feelings of stuckness into aliveness and authentic connection

You are ready to practice regularly and grow

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  • 2 x themed Connection Labs each month
  • 2 x guest teacher sessions each month
  • 1 x Community Campfire social each month
  • Community platform (coming soon!)


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  • 2 x themed Connection Labs each month
  • 2 x Guest Teacher sessions each month
  • 1 x Community Campfire social each month
  • Special Togetherness Village T-shirt
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We believe in what we offer

We have carefully designed the Village  so you will feel warm, welcomed, connected and learn valuable techniques for creating more meaningful connection with yourself and others.

If at any time in the first 14 days of your membership you feel like we haven't delivered on this, we will give you your money back.

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