Embodied Intimacy: The Love Ceremony with Buster Radvic and Rachel Rickards

The Love Ceremony is an interactive experience with fun and playful exercises including breath, sound, movement and conscious touch, that enable you to form deep connections. Tantalize your senses and flood your body with eros by exploring your heart, sensual energy and a passionate connection with another person. The workshop is a gentle exploration into warm presence and deeply fulfilling exchanges that will leave you feeling nurtured, loved up and savouring every last drop of the connection.

Sensual, though not sexual, intimate and deeply moving, this Love Ceremony is designed to see and honor the divinity in each other.

About Buster and Rachel

Buster and Rachel founded Embodied Intimacy to provide something that is missing in this world, which is a pragmatic, experiential education in intimacy and relating. They are powerful community leaders who publicity wear their hearts on their sleeves, embodying authentically vulnerable leadership. Together, they have a esteemed reputation for creating safe spaces for participants to open up to explore the depths of intimate connection. Buster and Rachel are business and life partners, co-facilitators, and playmates who are passionate about bringing intimacy into the forefront and creating peace on earth by freeing love and eros from fear, lies and violence. More about Rachel & Buster at www.EmbodiedIntimacy.com

Buster is a Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist in private practice (www.busterradvik.com) since 2008. He specialises in individual, couple and group therapy for trauma and attachment related issues around intimacy, sex and relationship. He believes that the body is the pathway to liberation.

Rachel Rickards is an adventurous spirit in the realms of love, sex and relationship. Her natural exuberance gives permission to others to explore their authentic selves in uncharted territory. With personal and professional training in psychology, sex therapy and alternative/open relationship counselling, she is committed to helping others find their full creative expression in life and love.