Soma Awakening - Sex Magic Ritual to Heal, Connect & Manifest with the Renegade Pharmacist

Niraj Naik presents 'The Awakening', a breathwork ritual he developed, based on Pranayama techniques and combined with some serious sound.

The Awakening is designed to clear negative imprints and help you break free from the past, so you can be more present, in the flow, liberated with the power to create your own reality. A series of ancient breathing techniques put into a sequence that combines rhythmical breathing to beat driven music, vocal toning/humming, breath retention, meditation/visualization techniques and the activation and transmutation of sexual energy.

Niraj is a qualified pharmacist from the UK turned a holistic wellness expert. After healing himself from a chronic illness using Ayurvedic practices and dietary adjustments, he felt motivated to share his knowledge with suffering patients and started blog where he now shares with thousands of people about natural ways to get healthy, get off medications, overcome auto-immune and digestive issues.

The name "Renegade Pharmacist" came from the time Niraj was heading a project for Walmart pharmacy division in the UK. The project was meant to suggest healthy shopping lists to patients with diabetes and other health limitations. It was meant to educate people about healthy eating habits and, ultimately, help them get off medication. The project was going well until Walmart pharmacy division heads realized that it would have a direct impact on medication sales. The project was labeled "Too Renegade" and shut down but Niraj continues the mission on his own so no corporate interests could stop him.


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