A Cheerful Exploration of the Male Body by Maria Bosisto

Men – we want your bodies!

 This session will be a cheerful exploration of the male body. So please do come along, lovely men, and let us women play with you…

In this workshop from Alan Lowen's  Art of Being® both sexes will join each other for an unusual experiment. Men are kindly asked to offer their bodies, whilst the women have the opportunity to voice their dormant desires and fantasies about what they have always wanted to do with a man’s body, INDEPENDENT of any sexual attraction or intention to please. This is a fully consensual experience and as men you will be invited in each moment to make yourselves available or respectfully opt out. Together we will have a rich and sensual time, connecting deeply with others around us, guided simply by what brings us joy!

Maria's expert facilitation will create a space that enables adventure but also shyness and quietness, so that the process is as much an exploration of your inner world as of the outer. Whether you are man or woman, the journey is uniquely yours! Naturally, we will carefully nourish and honour the men in their offering.

Note that this session may involve nudity during the clothing optional sections.

About Maria

Maria grew up in Germany among a family with many types of mental health issues. It is no wonder she found herself struggling with the human psyche and soul. But the struggle became an exploration, and the exploration a journey of nurturing recovery. She has trained with Alan Lowen and is delighted to represent the Art of Being® at the Summer Togetherness Festival. She has always felt attracted to profoundly human themes such as touch, intimacy, sexuality, love and all of life’s juicy contradictions. Most of all, she is deeply drawn to anything that enables HEALING and joy!


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