Sacred Buffing: Learn to create your own Buffing Ritual By Jamie

The Art of buffing : learn to create your own buffing ritual


Ritual is a word that we often hear these days, what is it? What does it mean?


In this workshop we will explore rituals together through using our senses in a therapeutic, sensual and playful way. 


You will have a chance to create your own ritual created from your essence. We’ll use one of the cafes signature dishes “the fluff and buff” as our foundation. What is the fluff and buff? It’s just one of the most creative and silly ways you’ll find to massaging a body. Come to the workshop to find out more. 


The fluffing café

The fluffing café first came into being from the dusty reaches of burning man in 2014. 


We quickly realised that those around us who were building, cooking and working for the community needed nourishment themselves that supported their ability to serve with love. We started creating small mindful experiences by serving tea, treats and other pleasantries. Soon we learned that these tasks were known in the burning man community as fluffing. 


And the fluffing cafe has been evolving ever since.... 


The main pillar of the café is based on the Chinese term Yangsheng, meaning the art of nourishing life. 


How it works you ask? Well, we serve our dishes as experiences which still provide people nourishment. The difference is that the ingredients of our life affirming dishes can be fun, silly, sensual, thought provoking and beautiful. 


We therefore create dishes that touch many aspects of our lives. From exploring the vastness of our emotions, to expanding mindfulness in order to deeply connect with our inner world, our senses ,the people around us and the world we live in.


The café, as well as the dishes we put on the menu, are adapted to the specific environments we serve. 


For togetherness we are cooking you an elaboration of 'the Buff n’ Fluff', a dish all about our senses. This is a fluffing café special served with extra garnish. 



See you at the café



Alexandra Cachia