UV Underwear Party by DJ Bobby Lost and Stefan the Bavarian

Legendary duo DJ Bobby Lost and Stefan the Bavarian pair up to ACTIVATE you through 2 hours of UV Underwear Dance Party magic. Get into you underwear, grab some UV pens and make live art on each other! Arty, sexy, and super body positive. Laugh, dance, draw, sweat, collaborate and celebrate being alive right now.

Bobby & Stefan first ran the UV Pants party at bestival 2015 as part of the Commune area and it continues to be an activation station of body positive joy and caledescope of consensual co-creation putting 'You' into the UV spotlight. This year has seen it tour to festivals like Noisily and Wildreness as part of the togetherness offerings.

'ACTIVATE! This isn't a dance party its a shamanic ritual motherfuckers!' - Stefan Gupthausen July 2018





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