‘Beyond Restraints’ Ropes for Touch, Sensation and Contact byAnatomie Studio

Discover the tactility of rope and possibilities of our bodies with Sophia and Anna Bones of Anatomie Studio


For many, rope becomes an extension of your own hands and body – using it as a restraint, but also as a tactile tool to create many different exciting sensations for our partners. Learning to combine tying with a varying touch, pressure and movement can heighten the intensity and pleasure of the experience for both. During this workshop we will explore various different types of touch and sensations to infuse your rope play with new wonderful flavours and intentions.


With a mix of practical exercises and discussion/feedback sessions we will explore the following:


- Fundamental consent practices/negotiating for play

- Reading your partner/body language and micro movements

- Awakening our senses/possibilities of touch

- Rope as a sensory tool

- Pleasure and pain on a sliding scale

- Invigorating touch – raising intensity

- Reassuring touch – calming/comforting

- The psychology of body positioning – compression and expansion


Anna and Sophia are close friends and close tying partners. They also teach and perform together.

Anna Bones is the founder and owner of Anatomie Studio - the UK’s first and only Shibari studio. She discovered shibari in 2013 and fell in love with it at first experience. She has since left her academic day job to become a full-time shibari teacher and practitioner. She loves being on both the inside and the outside of rope with the right partners and is passionate about teaching shibari to beginners. In her shibari work, she enjoys challenging the perceptions of what Japanese Rope Bondage (Shibari) can be and the people who practice it. Empowerment, feminism, consent, diversity, partnership, artistic expression and aspects of body representation are common themes in her work and that of her studio.



Sophia is a shibari performer/model, nude lady, cat lover and switchy masochist based in London. She has been enthralled by rope since 2014 and has been an integral part of Anatomie Studio’s blossoming and diverse community since it opened. Sophia’s passion for sexual exploration, freedom of expression, and kink/BDSM education have led her to travel to present and perform across Europe and the USA. She is quickly establishing herself as a leading presenter on topics relating to shibari and sexuality, kink, intimacy and power exchange.


Expressing and connecting deeply with her inner desires/ fears and ‘self’  through rope has been one of the most transformational experiences in her life so far, and she is very grateful to continue this journey! She hopes to share and learn more about her passion for sexual empowerment, freedom of expression and love of exploring the different uses of rope with others.



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