Surrender with Adam Wilder

This is an advanced session, for those who want to dive really deep.

Through 15 years of working on Intimacy, I’ve noticed that most people (including me) find it much easier to give than to receive.

To receive praise, warmth, love without immediately being able to reciprocate makes us uncomfortable. Questions arise in the busy mind: Am I worthy to receive this? What if they knew how I really am? They must have mistaken me for someone else! I am far too awful to deserve such love, such attention.

In this session we are going DEEP. We’re going to gently and lovingly crack open the armour and watch the light pour out. You will be in service to others and they will be in service to you.

When we ultimately surrender and receive love, it touches a very deep part of ourselves, the part that is undernourished and protected by the armour of personality we developed.

Like all sessions you are invited to only join in with what is right for you and consent is practiced actively at all times. 

About Adam

Adam Wilder is one of the leading intimacy experts in the UK. He has spent the last 15 years devising and sharing new ways for people to have richer and more meaningful connections with each other. He’s known for founding Shhh Dating, a silent dating event that uses non verbal flirting games and eye gazing instead of talking, and the Togetherness movement.

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