Listening for Better Relationships with Roma Norriss

We all want to be better at listening and making sure our partners/sisters/friends feel cherished and heard. In this workshop, we will experience an embodied practice for relating that allows us to uphold each other's essential truth and experience.

We tend to remember that our friends, relatives, partners are doing their best until, suddenly we become hijacked by emotions in the moment and we feels like they are against us. In these moments we become prone to saying or doing hurtful things.

In this workshop we discover a structure that allows us to recover from those moments of emotional hijacking. Some specific strategies will be shared to support the clarity, fulfilment and vitality of all our relationships. These help is to prevent resentment, judgement and the urge to manipulate, and deal with our underlying feelings before they spill out on our beloved. We will also develop a protocol for when feelings/conflict come up in relationships, so that no-one is in the wrong, everyone feels heard and no feelings are denied.

About Roma

Roma has been working as a birthworker, mother of two, ritualkeeper, facilitator and Hand in Hand Parenting consultant since 2003. Roma is lit up by listening, connection, intimacy and community. Roma runs courses, workshops and retreats on parenting, birth, listening, intimacy and creativity. She is also a consultant for the acclaimed Arrigo Programme. Together with her colleague Alice Irving, Roma brings her unique approach to corporate wellness via Think Well at Work, to help organisations that want to integrate more connection-based practices.

Roma blogs and writes for publications like JUNO Magazine, The Practicing Midwife, Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society and Huffington Post. She consults internationally with individuals on parenting issues, birth preparation or resolution, and the impact of early trauma.



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