Blacksmithing & Elemental Touch with Hugs Goddard

The essence of masculine and feminine flow and how we can find balance and move it through our body..

Through watching the way Heat can be used to create transformation and the need for water to assist it's journey throughout the process..we see the balance required.. to create

We can bring this into relation with sensual massage as we explore the body and the currents flowing through it- Discovering areas of the body that ignite that inner fire or cool that flame...

Learning ways and techniques to help the currents flow in our own and other's bodies

This can be a solo exploration of discovery or with partners/people you find before hand to explore the journey with.

Huggs will also be offering Body Work Sessions:

-Movement massage-Waking up the Body Interactive exploration.

-Hug Therapy – Deep connection of human contact through Nurturing and Nourishing Embrace, Holding and Supporting.


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