Wild Play Lab with Dani Tonks

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Play is a process of nature that's within all of us, there is no real purpose and if the purpose becomes more important than the act of play then well you’re probably not playing..

Using play as a tool for personal transformation, we'll explore techniques that can unlock creative blocks, release stored tension and create more space for our intuitive self to emerge.

This workshop uses play, theatre and improvisation to bring awareness to our unconscious behavioural patterns, and begin to consciously dismantle our limiting habits in a fun, accessible and safe environment.

Through creativity, movement and group work we learn how to truly listen & connect; both to ourselves and each other. A crisp awareness arises and we discover our unique rhythm that is distinct to us alone.

Connecting with the paradox of play; not taking ourselves too seriously allows serious shifts to happen. The altered state - 'play' is quite a complex emotional shift that comes in many textures.

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Led by Dani Tonks

Dani is an actor, dancer, facilitator and movement & acting practitioner. She primarily focuses on SEN (special education needs) - ‘learning through play’ for children and adults and has been a professional actor for 5 years since leaving East 15 Acting School (BA Acting). Dani has worked as a director and workshop facilitator for Contact Youth Actors Company at Contact Theatre (Manchester) and The Royal Exchange Youth Company (Manchester), and has devised and performed shows with collective CYAC (Contact Young Actors Company). Dani has also worked extensively across film, theatre, radio and TV with both private productions and the BBC. She has also toured self devised work within a range of disciplines including storytelling, physical theatre and clowning

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