Understanding Your Boundaries and How to Communicate Them


‘Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.’ Brene Brown

As we are growing up we learn to adapt to incoming stimuli and not to choose instead what we want or need for ourselves. This can lead to always prioritising the wishes, desires, happiness of others over our own wellbeing. This could be in your career, with your family, friends and in your intimate relationships.

This session is about learning to choose. We will take part in experiences and discussions that help us to orient ourselves to our own wishes and to say yes and no when we want. We will explore what it is that we really want and see what it is like to articulate it.

Over 90 mins we will draw from the work of Betty Martin and the Wheel of Consent.

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Led by Adam Wilder

Adam is an Intimacy and Connection coach and founder of Shhh Dating and the Togetherness movement. He has trained as a counsellor and a facilitator of the Wheel of Consent. He is passionate about supporting people to come into a state of personal sovereignty.

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