Made Up Tours


In this world of mass information, we often look for experts to explain the world to us. Made Up Tours asks the question, what if we just make it up for ourselves instead?

“The only certainty is that nothing is certain.” Pliny The Elder

Inspired by the Inexpert Conference by Steve Chapman (which set out to be the opposite of a TedX conference), we will create our own made up tours of Covent Garden.

At this experience, we will learn the basic techniques for making things up with others. Then in small groups, among the tourists, shoppers and official tours, we will hit the streets, pointing out and explaining aspects of local design and geography in a way that is completely made up. After we will come back together to the house and plot some of our discoveries onto a map to create a physical record of our experience.

Here you have permission to create without the need to be an expert, the opportunity for self expression and play.


Led by Adam Wilder

Adam enjoys creating a warm and friendly space where participants feel permission to explore and play. Before becoming a counsellor and intimacy coach, he trained as a Fool with Jonathan Kay, in clowning, improv and stand up comedy, performing around the world.


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