How to not F up your offspring with Kitty Hagenbach


The intention of this workshop is to bring you out of the wilderness of parenting into deep understanding that your children’s experience during the first 3 years of life from conception also lasts forever and you have the ability to support them feeling treasured.

If ever there was a time to do all that we can to support our kids to develop good self-esteem, self-trust, resilience and confidence with the ability to form healthy loving relationships, it is now.

As life becomes increasingly stressful and complex, we all need to create greater inner stability and security. The building blocks for these qualities are laid down in the early years and you are the architects.

In the workshop we will take a quick look at neuroscience and epigenetics, a long look at the psychological impact of early life and we will also work interactively to explore the parenting patterns inherited from your family of origin and how these will impact your children.

Kitty Hagenbach MA dip Psych is a very experienced psychotherapist and co-founder of Babies Know

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