Heart Wave Dance with Dominik Schnell

What if you were given complete permission to express yourself in connection with another? Your longing to be seen, your desire to connect, your playful, sensual, creative being in full flow? And what if this other was a mere stranger, yet connecting with you fully during a fleeting moment that matters?

We are all wounded children yearning for love, fearing rejection. How can we step into this experience from our ‘whole' man/woman, in full awareness of the shadow that may be at play? 
Dance is a powerful tool to help us see our layers of shame, fear and anger in full clarity. If we can own these shadows magic happens.  Each Heart Wave invites you to go deep within, reflect and then connect beyond your usual mask, creating a golden glow of togetherness in this dance that at times takes you to your edge and beyond – let’s be moved, let’s move!

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About Dominik

Dominik has been a passionate dancer for nearly 3 decades, exploring many expressive dance forms which now merge with his love for tantra, meditation and process / shadow work in the unique container that is Heart Wave. Dominik creates a safe and well-guided space in which it becomes easy to drop deep and expand. His declared passion is to bring people into truly authentic connection with themselves and with each other.

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Adam Taffler