Going Teal with Alex Margot

Ever been annoyed by people at the top making decision that lead you scratching your head? Ever felt you can only show part of your personally at work, leaving you unable to be fully yourself? Ever felt that your work lacks purpose? 

Teal organisations strive for wholeness, for purpose driven work and for self-management. But going teal is challenging. Whether you’re holding a business or at the bottom of the pyramid, the starting point towards changing the organisation remains mostly unknown.

In this session, Alex proposes you a fun, engaging and effective way to start the conversation and to make the first steps towards Teal.

The sessions will include some time to focus on yourself, to focus on others & build trust, and finally to collaborate and build together an evolutionary structure. 

Oh. If you can bring an umbrella, that would be awesome! 

Notice: this session might be a little more theoretical compared to the others, but will empower you to bring some “togetherness" touch to your everyday work. Togetherness at work every day of the year, isn’t that pretty awesome?

Last few tickets for Togetherness London here

Adam Taffler