Bonobo Feast with Tristram Stuart

Humans waste a third of all the food we grow and leave nearly a billion people underfed. Bonobos, or pygmy chimpanzees, are humans’ closest animal relative: most famous for their promiscuous sex-lives and matriarchal social structure. They are less well known for their pro-social food-sharing behaviour. When bonobos have a surplus food they proactively find others to share it with, and they select strangers in preference over friends. Essentially they turn surplus food into social capital and make new friends. Think of all the friends we humans could make with the 1.3 billion tonnes of food we waste each year!

The Bonobo Feast is a playful opportunity for people to share a mass free feast all made from ingredients that would otherwise be wasted, connecting physically with other fellow festival-goers, and gives us a deepened sense of the possibilities for creating communities worldwide. This is an example of how we can help build global communities taking responsibility for each other and the world.

Food will be provided and there will be a small charge of around £5 to take part in this experience. Please bring cash.

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Tristram Stuart is an English author and campaigner.

In 2011 Tristram Stuart won the international environmental Sophie Prize and the "Observer Food Monthly Outstanding Contribution Award" for his ongoing campaign to solve the global food waste scandal.

He is the author of The Bloodless Revolution: Radical Vegetarians and the Discovery of India. His second book Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal has been translated into several languages and won the IACP Cookbook Award for Literary Food Writing. He is a regular contributor to newspapers, and radio and television programs in the UK, US and Europe on the subject of food, the environment and freeganism.

He lives in England and in December 2009 launched a food waste campaign by organising "Feeding the 5000" in London's Trafalgar Square in which 5,000 people were served free curry, smoothies and fresh groceries from cast off vegetables and other food that otherwise would have been wasted to raise awareness for reducing food waste.  He founded the charity Feedback which has replicated the Feeding the 5000 campaign and event model in several countries and has now been commissioned by the European Commission and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to spread the campaign globally. Other campaigns by Feedback include The Pig Idea and the Gleaning Network.

In 2016 he started “Toast Ale”, a company that makes ale from surplus bread.



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