Being Intimate: If Only! with Alan Lowen

Before we talk about the session, I think it would be good for you to know who Alan Lowen is. Maybe you have heard of the spiritual teacher Osho? Maybe you have heard of the crazy and super popular documentary on Netflix called Wild Wild Country, about Osho's ashram in Oregon in the 80s and 90s?

Well, Alan was very much there with Osho, in the innermost circle. There were 3 main therapists leading sessions and Alan was one of them. In fact there are some scenes in the doco where you can see him as a younger man. During the height of the Wild Wild country times Alan left to found his own school / therapy / training called The Art of Being.

Alan began the Art of Being in the UK more than 30 years ago and is seen by many as the father of this work over here. Over the last decade he has been working more in Germany and Czech where his work is extremely popular. Alan is starting to do more work in the UK again (which is great news for us).

So now you know, this man is extremely experienced. He has also seen it all, the whole wave of the Osho movement, the birth of new therapy forms and the emergence of Tantra, sexuality and intimacy work in the UK.

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So on to his session.....

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Being Intimate: If only! is a 90-minute exploration that reveals to you the critical moments in which you could let go into intimacy, IF ONLY… 

Whether you engage solely with your partner, or choose to explore with various others, this is a carefully guided adventure in dissolving those un- or sub-conscious personality shields and routines that may be keeping you safely barred from being truly intimate.

Alan will help you to see the things that keep you from really being here, from saying what you want to say, from acting from your deepest, most sacred bond with yourself. It's not only the way Alan leads his sessions and his experience which makes his work so good - Alan expertly creates a 'field' (in the Rogerian psychology sense) that permits you to feel, to understand, to shift.

Join Alan for his session on 17 June at Togetherness London

More info on Alan and his Art of Being work here.

Adam Taffler