FAQ & all practical information

Getting there

By car head for: Osho Leela, Thorngrove House, Common Mead Ln, Gillingham SP8 4RE. Its about 2.5 hours from London.

By train nearest train station is Gillingham, Dorset (not Gillingham Kent!). From the station its a 20 min walk or a £5 cab ride. There are usually taxis waiting there at the station. The cabs tend to know the venue.

More detailed information on travel can be found on the Osho Leela website here.


Doors will be open from 6pm on Thursday 29th August. The welcome session is at 8pm after dinner, it's super important for everyone to attend. You will get put into a pod for the weekend, we will have a playful opening and also transmit important info. We strongly advise you to arrive in time to get settled, eat and have a stroll around the grounds before the opening session. If you will be unable to attend for whatever reason or will be arriving after 6pm, please let the production team know via email.

The festival closes at 5pm on the Sunday. If you are renting a accom on site you will need to have everything packed from your room by 2:30pm before the closing ceremony.

Arriving Early & Staying Sunday Night

The venue is a busy location and they need time before and after events for the changeover so they would prefer people not to arrive the night before. If you are travelling from abroad on the Wednesday, you may be able to find a B n B in the local area to stay in. 

People staying in any of the on site accommodation (i.e. not self camping) will need to check out on the Sunday, it is not possible to stay an extra night. If you are camping and really want to stay an extra night this can be arranged for a small fee. Please contact us to arrange this.

Catered vegetarian / vegan food for the weekend is £69. You need to book it in advance so we can order the right amount. Includes dinner on Thursday, 3 meals on Friday/Saturday and 2 meals on Sunday.

If you would like that then BUY IT HERE NOW. You can let us know about any food allergies / intolerances via a form when you book, most things are catered for. We will not be able to upgrade you to a food ticket less than 9 days before the event.

You can also self cater, bring your own equipment as there is no communal kitchen space. No open fires are permitted on the campsite (well looked after camping stoves are fine).

We put a female only and male only dorm online recently. There are some beds available for £65 for the weekend in these rooms in the main house. You can book your bed here (please make sure you book the correct one for your gender).

Luxury Camping
There is no more luxury camping available now.

What To Bring

Start with the normal things you take to a festival, things to make you comfortable, to keep you warm if you are camping, things to dress up in and decorate yourself with if you wish. You may also like to bring

• Water bottle (ideally glass or metal)
• Ear plugs (some people prefer to sleep with these though we will minimise sound pollution on site)
• Swimmers / Bikini for hot tubs and sauna though you are also welcome to use these naked. Please note normal underwear is not permitted in the spa
• Towel for showers
• White or UV glow underwear for the UV Underwear Dance Party
• Some extra money for Real Remedies, the Cacao Cafe, therapists offering treatments
• Something that inspires you - a poem, a song, an object you might like to share at the sleep over party
• A gift for others if you like giving gifts. This can be a mini experience or a piece of chocolate etc

Kindly note if you wish to bring toiletries, wet wipes or glitter, please only bring natural bio-degradable products.

Lift Sharing

Got questions about the summer festival? Want to chat to other attendees? Want somewhere to vent your excitement  without giving your friends earache?  Want to share a ride to the festival? Join our online closed Facebook community here.


To help meet new people and keep your experience grounded, on the first day we will organise you into a pod/family of 6. Each day there will be sharing time in your pod for you to talk to each other about how you are doing and what you are experiencing. People arriving later than the opening session will also be put into pods. From experience people find this is a great way to meet new people and to talk about things that just do tend to come up when doing intimacy and connection work.

Be Well Wellness Area

Whilst this festival is a festival and not a therapy group, we appreciate that working with intimacy and connection can stir things up. In order to support participants in their experience we are delighted to announce we have the Be Well tent run by Roma Norriss and Alice Irving of Thinkwell.

This tent is the go to place if you would like support with anything you are experiencing. There will be a range of things to do, from laying on bean bags and relaxing with solfeggio frequencies through headphones to taking part in listening groups, where you will be listened to really really well.

Sauna & Hot Tubs

All sessions and sauna and hot tubs are included in the festival ticket. There will be set hours for using these facilities.

On site therapists

There will be 3 therapists on site offering massage, sound healing and other relaxing, rejuvenating techniques. You will be able to book with them directly on site. They all charge for their services.

Campsite Facilities

The site has good access and you shouldn't have to carry your tent more than 30m from your car. Once unloaded all vehicles (apart from live in) need to go to the car park.

There is a shower and toilet block providing hot showers 24/7 available for all participants in the campsite. There are further showers and toilets in the main house.

No open fires are permitted on site. If you are self catering you are welcome to bring your own camping stove. There are no communal kitchen facilities available 

Live in Vehicles

These must be booked in advance for £40 on the buy tickets page. 

Any other questions at all drop us an email alex@togetherness.com