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Taste of Togetherness - Enrich Your Life Through Touch

  • Mindspace Aldgate 5th Floor Relay Building 114 Whitechapel High St, London (map)

Join Adam Wilder & Abbey Wesson for an evening exploring your relationship to touch using games based on the Wheel of Consent. Please note that physical touch is completely optional, you can come and spend the whole evening without touching anyone if you wish.

Touch is the first sense we develop as children, but we gradually lose comfort with touch we grow, and for most adults touch outside of our romantic relationships is deeply stigmatised. Yet we know that touch has mental and physical benefits including reducing levels of stress hormones, alleviating depression, boosting the immune system, boosting attention span and boosting serotonin and oxytocin levels. Touch also benefits our relationships and connections - shown by Harvard University to be the biggest factor in living longer. For more info on the health benefits of touch see:

In this Taste of Togetherness event we will meet new people and explore playful, healing and nourishing touch. We will also learn tools and practices to build more touch into our daily lives, for health, comfort, pleasure and fun!

7-730pm Arrive and mingle:
Meet and greet the other attendees over non-alcoholic drinks and plant-based snacks

7:30-8:15pm A Playful Introduction:
Handshake games, dance and movement games, non-physical touch games and consent/don’t consent games to reconnect with our boundaries.

8-8:45pm Wheel of Consent based games
Learn how to ask for exactly the kind of touch you want from another person in the three minute game- by understanding your needs, your boundaries and what feels good for you right now. 

8:45-9pm Break:
Enjoy more non-alcoholic drinks and plant-based snacks

9-10pm Physical Connection Cafe:
Choose between different physical and non physical touch connection stations around the room hosted by Togetherness team members including: Listening circles, eye contact circles, clothed spooning circles, clothed massage circles, island of (clothed) sensual touch.