Code of Conduct

We've created this code of conduct to help set the tone for our events, to create an environment where you are supported in trying out new experiences. When you register for a festival or workshop you'll need to tick a box saying you have read and agree to our code of conduct.

Self Care

At Togetherness, we encourage everyone to take responsibility for their own well being. To remain aware in each moment of what they need, right now. If you do need something, tell us. We have a welfare team committed to supporting you. Self care means taking responsibility, by setting your own, clear boundaries. If in doubt, say no.



Everyone present is contributing to the atmosphere of the event. And we mean everyone! Participants, organisers, facilitators, volunteers and beyond. Our intention is to create an environment in which every individual has permission to explore more of themselves, to step deeper into their fullest nature. You are invited to be present as part of the experience, as more than just a tourist. Please help look after the place and the atmosphere.


Respect for Yourself and Others

This point is foundational for the festival. Regardless of the beliefs, background and identity of others, please treat them with the respect you would wish for your own. We are all honoured guests. Be courteous to others and please avoid imposing yourself or your beliefs on them. If someone is imposing theirs on you, you can make them aware of it, or tell one of the team immediately. Communicating calmly and clearly is healthy.

It is our intention to avoid any aggressive or inappropriate behaviour. If we find anyone guilty of this, we shall address the issue immediately. Anyone unwilling to act respectfully towards others, in the true spirit of the event will be asked to leave.


Alcohol & Drugs

Togetherness is a drug and alcohol free space. There’s no negative judgement on them but here we find the festival is supported better without them. All people are expected to respect this and anyone breaking this may be asked to leave.


Phones & Photography

You will not need mobiles during sessions, so please turn them off. And absolutely NO photography during sessions, please. If you wish to take a photo in the communal areas, first ask everyone in the picture if its okay to take that shot. Our own photographer will take pictures of non-intimate sessions and in group areas.



You literally can't go to all the sessions so no need to try. Sometimes the best decision you can make for yourself is sitting out with a cup of tea (see point on self care above). Quite a few people seemed to feel the pressure from themselves to go to as much as possible when actually they probably needed a rest more than anything.



In some activities you and others may reveal things you wouldn’t normally. We create a safe container to do this meaning whatever is shared with you is in the strictest confidence and doesn’t leave the room. Don’t even bring it up it with the person who said it to you outside of the session. If they want to talk to you about it they will initiate it.


Breaching our Code of Conduct

Any breach of our Code of Conduct will be addressed immediately, with the individual responsible, by one of the team. If that person does not agree to respect the code for the rest of the event, they will be required to leave.