Join us for an evening of touching song from Carrie Tree.

We are delighted to welcome Carrie to perform songs from her new album at House of Togetherness.

Carrie has been well known in the UK’s grassroots music scene for over a decade, whilst also touring at many festivals, retreats and concerts across Europe.

She has collaborated live and in the studio with the likes of Damien Rice, Fink, Albert Mazibuko (Ladysmith Black Mambazo), Carly Simon, Rumer, Martha Tilston and Andy Barlow of Lamb.

“Gentle graces. soft and tender…
musical depths one doesn’t always associate with folk music..” - For Folks Sake

"I'm so happy to be coming to London on this tour and singing at The House of Togetherness! " Carrie

A few weeks after the release of her 3rd album, as part of a UK tour, Carrie will be sharing songs from 'The Canoe', accompanying herself with vocal, guitar, piano and percussion and have copies of the album fresh off the press.

Hosted by the wonderful Adam Wilder

Tickets: £10 advance, £12 on the door
Special guests TBC

The listener is drawn into Carrie's world of mystical storytelling and sublime melody.

UK-based Acoustic folk-soul artist Carrie Tree has traveled through many parts of the world with her music, stirring and softening hearts along the way.

With an uncanny ability to reach into the traditions of the lands she visits, she touches a place deep inside the hearts of her listeners wherever she performs.

Website: carrietree.co.uk

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‘The Canoe’ is Carrie Tree's third album, released on 26th April 2019, produced by Markus Sieber (known for his ambient instrumental recordings as Aukai).

Working remotely across the seas between Colorado, Mexico, and the UK over the last year and completing the project together in Iceland, Carrie and producer Markus Sieber gathered international artists from Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, UK, France, Germany and Spain to create a palette of intimate emotive soundscapes.

The album title reflects the symbolic and metaphorical significance of canoes and journeys taken on water,

“In many traditions there is the idea that we are born on a canoe (via the mother’s body) and when we die, we leave on one too...”

“A lot of the songs have birth, death, water, home and travel as their central themes, so the idea of a canoe felt like a beautiful symbol for that." One of the songs, ‘Honey Soup’, is about the body as a vessel, as a home in life, while the title track is about the gateway, fragility and power of birth"

“..a reminder for us to reconnect with ourselves, the human race and nature." - Photogroupie

“…delivered and presented in a way that suggests magic is at work here” - 17 Seconds

Website: carrietree.co.uk