Wilder Intimacy with Adam Wilder

How do you feel when you are close to another? What are the things that allow you to connect more deeply with yourself and others? What gets in the way of that? Do you allow yourself to feel what you are feeling or do you feel scared, ashamed, vulnerable about it? What do you really want? What do you really need? When's the last time you just held someone or let yourself be held?

By exploring these themes you can notice what was previously unknown and unseen and so learn more about yourself and your relationship to intimacy and connection. When you have a good relationship with what you really think and feel, it improves all your relationships in your life.

The experience of participants is the most important thing in this session. There is no right thing you are supposed to be feeling. Whatever you are feeling is the right thing and it is very good to notice it. Before this session begins there will be work on boundaries and consent. Participants are invited only to take part in the activities they feel comfortable to do. This session like everything else on the day involves no nudity. 


Adam Taffler