Guided Touch Tour with Jessica Parker & Dione Eric from Pleasure Island

Touch experts Jessica and Dione will take you on a 90 minute tour, helping you to fully connect with yourself and with sensation before opening new territory to explore.  They will guide you to connect with fellow Islanders without talking but through touch alone - within your own boundaries and the guidelines that they give you...Join us to ...feel....connect...touch and play!

*Note there will be no complete nudity during this workshop, however there will be areas where you are free to roam around in your underwear! -Guided Touch Tour will be focused on sensual pleasure and playfulness -About embodied sensation, not performance -A safely-held space to people can feel free to explore communicating through touch -Pleasure Islands Guided Touch Tours begin with an introduction on safety, boundaries and consent, to help ensure people feel equipped and can communicate well together.

Adam Taffler